What is Share House
About IETOMO Share House

From the point of globalization, interdependent life plays an important role to live in harmony and peacefully in the modern society.

'Ie' means 'home' or 'house' while 'tomo' comes from Japanese word 'tomodachi' which means 'friend'.So 'ietomo' brand means 'home living together'. We expect to bring a happy and enjoyable life for everyone with different cultures from different places.

Properties of
Ietomo Share House

Tokyo 23 Wards

Private Room

Cheap Dormitory

Japanese Style Room
・Tokyo 23 Wards
・Private Room
・Cheap Dormitory
・Japanese Style Room
What is share house?

Share house is a house in which different people live like a family, sharing living room, kitchen and so.
In share house, you can spend ur time in your private room if you want to enjoy your time alone.
And if you want to enjoy ur time with other peoples you can go to living room and can chat with them. That is the difference of share house from room share.

And also in share house you can meet people from different countries, so you can meet and learn different culture and ways of thinking.
The numbers of working adults from different countries rise those days.

So you should try and inquire to meet with them and gain much experience.

Two types of Ietomo

Private Room

Domitory Room